New Visitors, see what "Forest" means in our name!

New 2017 Annual HOA Dues are $398 

Folks, the Property Appraiser's 

Maps have been updated to be friendly and easy to find Property Locations.  I invite you to go to the link by clicking photo or click on Map Page.

All public Records.  You can do a sales search and see what properties have sold for.  Look up your property.

Welcome!  Take a drive through our community by clicking on the photo. 


Office hours will be changing on Feb 1st.
NEW OFFICE HOURS are Monday 4-7pm and Tuesday 9-noon.



ALL NEW OWNERS OR RENTERS in TCF need to come to the OFFICE during office hours to REGISTER.
Please bring a photo ID and information on cars and tags.
Office Hours: Tuesday 7-9pm, Wednesday 1-3pm, Thursday 1-3pm

ALL ESTOPPEL requests should be made to MaryLou Kodim, Treasurer, at [email protected].

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